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You Know You Watch To Much Sailor Moon When...

This is my personal collection of statements telling you when you've watched too much Sailor Moon. All statements marked in bold text are personal experiences.

Anything to add to my list? Go Here.
Newly added statement are here.

Total so far:


The List Begins....

1. You continually spam "Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, SAILOR MOON" in any available chat rooms or forums.

2. You shout at the nearest department store employee for not having any Sailor Moon merchandise.

3. It's Christmas time, but you're still wearing your Sailor Moon costume.

4. You complain to each and every company that was responsible for a commercial during Sailor Moon and harass them because the show was 5 minutes shorter because of them.

5. You plan to name your daughter after a Sailor Scout.

6. You try to convince your daughter that you ARE a Sailor Scout.

7. You turn the TV on to YTV at 4:00pm every weekday and cry because Sailor Moon's not on anymore.

8. Demand your friends pick a Sailor Scout just so you can rant to them and show off your new merchandise.

9. You go to all the pet shops in town to stare at all the black cats.

10. When the pet shop employees aren't looking you put 2 Band-Aids over the black cats forehead and shout, "Look it's Luna!"

11. You stand in front of the mirror and practice Sailor Scout poses.

12. You insist on being called by your favourite Scout's name.

13. You only answer to your favourite Scout's name.

14. You change your entire lifestyle to match that of your favourite Scout.

15. You try and get that Japanese exchange student to sing the theme song...any Sailor Moon song, in Japanese.

16. Hell, you even try to get that German guy to translate the German Sailor Moon techno remix into English. When he fails miserably because it's just that bad, you shrug it off and pretend it never happened, as you sing along to it anyways.

17. You enter the local jewelry store, point your cheesy toy gun at the clerks’ head and say, "Give me your Silver Crystal!"

18. You enter the second nearest jewelry store and ask if they have the Imperial Silver Crystal line.

19. When being harassed at school by a bully you shout at them, "Beware! Lita's my best friend."

20. You warn everyone that the 2 new students are life-sucking aliens.

21. You ask everyone in your town if they are 1 of 7 Rainbow Crystal carriers and poke at their chest.

22. You go to school late on purpose.

23. You get a Japanese phone book and look for Tsukino Usagi's phone number.

24. You throw a fit and grab the nearest telephone pole each and every time a bus comes near.

25. You buy concert tickets to every concert in your part of the world just to see if the Starlights are playing.

26. You call the local radio stations and ask them to play Sailor Moon songs.

27. When you can argue with your cat about your homework.

28. When you can recite entire episodes...yet still not know the name. But who cares when they're all different in each language, right?

29. Nothing, NOTHING is more important then getting your hair up in odangos.

30. You actually can get your hair into odangos.

31. You know what odangos really mean.

32. You stare at the moon and can swear you've seen visions of the Moon Kingdom.

33. You can't understand why there isn't a network devoted to each season of Sailor Moon.

34. You spend all your time on the internet looking up Sailor Moon and your marks at school suffer because of it.

35. You sit up all night writing out to moonies and non-moonie alike why you've watched too much Sailor Moon.

36. You enjoy trying to pronounce you and fellow moonies names in Japanese.

37. You actually call your friends moonies.

38. You make up words to Sailor Moon midis you've never heard in English before.

39. When you do hear it in English you discover you were pretty damn close.

40. You hassle the nearest pregnant woman to name her child after a Sailor Moon character.

41. You try to dye a crescent moon on your pets' head.

42. At free face painting fairs you beg the woman doing it to paint a crescent moon on your forehead.

43. You have at least one copy of any Sailor Moon movie in any language.

44. You own at least one copy of any Sailor Moon album.

45. You've made your own Sailor Moon action figurines.

46. You potentially jeopardize your entire career as a web designer by making a serious school project into a Sailor Moon thing.

47. You refuse to remove any Sailor Moon merchandise from boxes or protective coverings for more then 5 minutes.

48. You throw headbands at all your enemies and teachers yelling, "Moon Tiara Magic!"

49. You wear your brown hair in a ponytail, wear rose earrings and glare your dazzling green eyes at everyone who looks at you.

50. When you think of all the reasons why your boyfriend is like Darien.

51. When you stand in front of the mirror trying to figure out a way to make your mouth bigger.

52. You play the Sailor Moon CCG by yourself.

53. When playing cards with friends or family, you occasionally yell, "STOP! That ones evil!" and throw it in the fireplace.

54. At your next party, you force each of your four friends to change their hair style and color to that of each Senshi, and present them with cardboard wands.

55. You draw swirl marks on your brother's glasses.

56. Watching the show leaves you in complete agony from the wonderful storyline and romance, not to mention the great puns!

57. You learn to play Alan's flute song to see if you can summon a cardigan.

58. You wander around at 3 o'clock in the morning trying to play "Three O’clock Fairy" on a flute, attempting to get kids to follow you.

59. You CAN play "Three O'clock fairy" on a flute.

60. You insist your blonde friend buy a white cat and you get a black one.

61. You buy Sailor Moon games that you don't even have the platform to play them on.

62. You download Sailor Moon ROMS that are only available in Japanese and try and play them anyways.

63. When you vow never to cut your hair until it meets the requirements of your favourite Scout.

64. You cry for hours, days, and weeks because you DID cut your hair (It was only a trim!!!).

65. You want to dye your hair pink with blue streaks and your best friend wants to die his hair blue with pink streaks.

66. When you and your friends sit in a circle on your bed and sing Sailor Moon songs to each other.

Submitted by Neko Sprite

1. You plaster one or more walls of your room with printed out pictures.

2. You try to translate the text on your Japanese collectable cards ...even though it's just the copyright info.

3. You throw playing cards up in the air while playing that one Cardigan song on a flute...

Submitted by Ryan C.

1. You download Sailor Moon in any other language.

Submitted by Jennifer

1. When you look on the internet for photos on Sailor Moon everyday and place them on a bulletin board.

Submitted by Page

1. You know all the SM facts (like the character's blood types and favourite food) which aren't really from the series and someone just made up.

2. You have, or plan on, buying all the SM episodes (uncut!!)on DVD.

Submitted by Xander

1. You dress like Sailor Moon...Every single day!

Submitted by Kendra

1. You sing Moonlight Legend in Japanese on the volleyball bus and everyone just stares at you.

2. You can speak every line of the Japanese version while you watch it...

3. You still cry while watching episodes 45 & 46... for the millionth time... But yet, you NEVER cry during other shows and movies...

4. You KNOW what episode 45 and 46 is and you nod along with me with tears building up.

5. You have perfected the 'Serena Yodel'... You know, that weird laugh that Sailor moon English version has...

6. You listen to Sailor moon midi's while you do your work in Computers class AND sing along with them.

7. You successfully and correctly translated 'The Sailor Star' song, into English, AND made it so it so it fits the beat of the music.

8. You use your sailor star song translation and take your midi of it and sing it, then record your voice and the midi together and make it into an MP3... Wow... then you discover you REALLY SUCK at singing!

Submitted by Karina

1. You plan to read a SM book and make a book report for school.

Submitted by Heather

1. You can sew your own Sailor Moon costumes.

Submitted by Lucy

1. You giggle in shame as you read YKUWTMSMW, because you've experienced entirely too many...

Submitted by Roxi-ZIM

1. You dress up in a snazzy tuxedo every night and you wait until a citizen is hassled/attacked by someone, then chuck roses at him or her and say a Tuxedo Kamen/Mask quote.

2. You purposely wake up everyday late for school, forgetting your lunch, purposely stepping on a cat, make sure no one is looking and put a band-aid on it, take it off, and pretend to see a crescent mark.

Submitted by CJ

1. When you HAVE all the video/DVDs of every series and every language and watch them every day.

Submitted by Dominic

1. When you randomly yell out, "Moon Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" in the grocery stores.

Submitted by Jessica

1. Your mom gets sick of Sailor Moon so she asks "Who do you love more, me or Sailor Moon?" Next thing you're an orphan.

1. Your mom gets sick of Sailor Moon so she asks "Who do you love more, me or Sailor Moon?" Next thing you're an orphan.

2.You wrinkle up your English Test and throw it at the guy behind you, then yell at him when he didn't look at it and say something about the awful mark.

3. Don't brush your teeth so you can get cavities like Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon.

Submitted by Lisa

1. When you compare a Fruedian thesis to a Sailor Moon episode. (For all us college Moonies out there!!)

Submitted by Grace

1. When you and your cousins pretend Ann and Alan live with you and try to attack you every day, but luckily you use your Sailor power to send them to the basement.

Submitted by Crystal Princess

1. You don't care what your friends think; you're still moving to the moon. (To live in the moon kingdom, what's still there anyway).

Submitted by Sherrise

1. You start to make new generals for Queen Beryl, like Blacklite, Stroblite, Conlite, Darlite, etc...

Submitted by Sabrina Pariis

1. If you scream and kick your TV every day for Cartoon Network taking off Sailor Moon and wish that the people who suggested it would die.

2. You chase your cat and paint a yellow crescent moon on its forehead and then put a mic in its mouth and the mic plays dialog from Sailor Moon.

3. You give your other Sailor Moon obsessed fans sticks, brooches, and sailor outfits and tell them that they are protectors of the moon and have to save earth from going into darkness.

Submitted by Kerureyu

1. When you make your own Ofuda scrolls and take them with you wherever you go just in case there is an evil spirit.

Submitted by OfudaMaster

NEW!1. When you learn how to throw a fireball like sailor mars and uses it to win dodge ball in gym class.

Submitted by Resident Usagi Kou

NEW!1. When even though your hair is friggen short and black, and your desperately poor, you make hair extensions out of yarn JUST for the sole purpose of moderately realistic Odangos (and so that it doesn't take sixty years to grow out your hair).

NEW!2. When you submit to YKYWTMSMW, and you laugh because you know it.

NEW!3. You go the the Cartoon Networks [Adult Swim] Message boards, and to any of the swimmods, suggest they bring back Sailor Moon the first season.

NEW!4. Cry hopelessly when the swimmod you pleaded with denies your request ruthlessly.

NEW!5. When you speak only random bits of Sailor Moon dialogue from the Japanese series.

NEW!6. When you downloaded episodes of Sailor Moon from any season in Japanese.

NEW!7. You consider going to a Con (like Otakon, or Sakuracon) near you dressed as any form of the Serenity Royalty.

NEW!8. When you're so desperate to get the perfect Serenity Royalty gown for said con that you offer a commissioned dressmaker $1000.00 to do so.

NEW!9. When the dressmaker e-mails you back telling you you're only fourteen, and therefore your crazy. (You know what, I love NQS manga form dress, and I SHALL HAVE IT!!! =3)

NEW!10. When your computer clock reads 2:19 AM and you're writing these out, wondering what became of your once non-Sailor Moon related life.

NEW!11. You're on google, and you search for NQS pictures, and you think to yourself 'I may already have that one =\\.

NEW!12. When you attempt to dye your unnatural black hair the perfect SM colour that you've been hunting for a year straight and finally found, but it turns Orange (You know what. . .I'll just wait till my natural blonde comes back in or something =3).

NEW!13. When you type/say everything I've said or done. ((Webmistress comment: Doing that now aren't I? ^_^))

NEW!14. When you call yourself Usagi Kou/ Usagi Tiara.

NEW!15. When you legally change your name to Usagi Kou/ Usagi Tiara.

NEW!16. You think Seiya is hot.

NEW!17. When you wish to all the heavenly bodies you were as beautiful as NQS, Princess Serenity, Queen Serenity, or any of the other Royalty characters.

NEW!18. When you try to make your legs over three quarters of your total body percentage, and your breasts the last quarter.

NEW!19. When you know what I'm talking about in the above statement.

NEW!20. When you make your own Doujinshi and then scan it to your site.

NEW!21. When you write over twenty YKYWTMSMW's, and think nothing of it

Submitted by Kittylass

NEW!1. You accidentally call your boyfriend Darien, which just happens to be your ex-boyfriends name, so he dumps you, but you're too busy watching SM to catch the actual reason why, so you pretend it's because he senses something bad will happen to you if you keep going out.

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