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Submit Fanart Guidelines

1.It MUST be of a particular anime, or simply anime style. Please tell me what anime it is from, if applicable, and what you used (ie: coloured pencils, watercolours, CG, pencil, etc...)

2.It SHOULD NOT be over 300kb.

3.Optimized images are a MUST!

4.ABSOLUTELY NO .bmp files.

5.Hentai is acceptable, but will not be posted if even I, the totally perverted one, think it's too crude. ^__~ I'm pretty easy going, actually, so...

Ready to Submit?

If you feel you've got all those terrible, terrible guidelines under control then feel free to submit! If your image is already hosted on the internet, you can use the form below and I will upload it onto my own server. If it's not, you can e-mail me directly using the below address with the image as an attachment.

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

URL of Your Art:

Comments About Your Art:

E-mail me Here.

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Copy and paste this when you're ready: