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This is the page where you can find all about the staff of Temple of Treats...and you know what? It's just me! I've also included a little run down about me and the site.

Screen Name: Rei Li
Real Name: Rachel L. Knight
Birthdate: September 26, 1985
E-mail: Personal E-mail
Personal Blog: Live Journal
Other sites:, DBZ Palace and Com Tec 12 Course Webpage
Occupation: Webmistress in all aspects ^_^

Yes, I am female, in case the whole Sailor Moon addiction tells you nothing.

I first learned HTML about 6 years ago, when I was in Grade 7. Chatting away on "motelchat" my friend and I came across some guy RPing with a picture of Kunzite as his name. We asked him how he did it and we learned our first valuble HTML tag; the basic image tag! Sometime later we discovered Angelfire and all of my friends at the time signed up for a site. We were the "Demons", I was Green Demon, my best friend was Silver and etc, etc. We thought it was just marvelous, this HTML stuff, little did we know we were using the basic editor on Angelfire.

Life moved on and eventually we didn't pay any attention to our sites anymore, though I continued to make new ones, including a Goldeneye (James Bond) site with lots and lots of unthumbnailed images. It was an eyesore! Later I started a Dragon Ball Z site and learned more HTML gradually...including how to embed music into the page. Ohh I had comet cursors and cheesy midis all over. It's a wonder I even managed to get listed on Google. Eventually I changed the site to frames amd things developed from there.

It was only this past year or two that I was inspired to make a Sailor Moon site. It first started out with horrible frames, not even iFrames, and dreadfully slow loading javascript for the menu. I had one page of images, all just shrunk down using width and height commands, which caused a dial up connection to seizure. That quickly went down the drain. The site really started to become somthing when I happened across Day Dream Graphics and Pixelate Fantasy. I downloaded a layout of Usagi from Pixelate Fantasy and hooked her up on my site and rapidly learned that div layers were not the thing for my site. I examined the coding on the layout and low and behold! I understood 90% of what was there! I did some research and looked around and learned all about external CSS and furthered my knowledge in tables and frames. And thus was the original pink iFrames, duel navi table layout born in the Temple of Treats. Later I grew sick of pink, it not being my favourite color, and changed it to red.