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History of the Site

Rei Li's Temple of Treats didn't just appear out of thin air. As described in my biography a little bit, it took sometime and some effort. Here you can view past versions of Temple of Treats.

Estimated date of Opening: September 26th, 2002 (My birthday for simplicity, since I don't remember the exact date)

The last layout for ToT was a piece of art. This layout featured 3 skins, a green Pluto one, a yellow Venus one and a purple Saturn one. One of my favourite features about this layout is that is has a scrolling marquee for all of my affiliates. I like it so much it is included in the 5th layout for ToT.
This was the next layout for Rei Li's Temple of Treats, and is by far, my favourite. It features use ASP and tables. No more nasty iFrames and bad ads everywhere to contend with! Shortly after I got this layout up, TOT moved to Swifthost and everything was changed into PHP and was much more dynamic.
This purple table layout contained an iFrame for the main content and a double row navi on the left. Although I loved the purple, the coding was just hell for the navi and I couldn't cram anything else in there. It was fairly a mess.

This isn't the very first version of Temple of Treats. This is actually the 4th, but the fisrt version didn't have a real layout, the second wasn't made by me and the third was just a pink Usagi version of this one. I really loved this one. Red is one of my favourite colours, and I was especially proud of how well the main image turned out. However, this layout got just a bit too bland.