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Ten'ou Haruka / Amara Tenoh

Japanese Name: Ten'ou Haruka
American Name: Amara Tenoh
Name Meaning: Distant Heaven King
Alias: Sailor Uranus
Birthday: January 27th
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Castle Name: Miranda Castle
Favourite Color: Gold
Likes: Racing and the Piano
Favourite Food: Salad
Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favourite Food: None
Strengths: Determined and Focused
School: Mugen Gakuen High School
Fears: Confessing


  • Uranus Planet Power
  • World Shaking
  • Space Sword Attack

    Kaioh Michiru / Michelle Kaioh

    Japanese Name: Kaioh Michiru
    American Name: Michelle Kaioh
    Name Meaning: Maturing Sea King
    Alias: Sailor Neptune
    Birthday: March 6th
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'4"
    Sign: Pisces
    Blood Type: O
    Castle Name: Triton Castle
    Favourite Color: Marine Blue
    Favourite Gemstone: Aquamarine
    Likes: Music, Swimming
    Dislikes: Danger
    Hobbies: Violin, Painting
    Favourite Food: Sashimi
    Favourite Subject: Music
    Least Favourite Subject: None
    Strengths: Artistic, Awesome at playing the violin
    School: Mugen Gakuen High School


  • Neptune Planet Power, Make up!
  • Deep Submerge
  • Submarine Reflection

    Tomoe Hotaru / Hotaru Tomoe

    Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
    American Name: Hotaru Tomoe
    Name Meaning: Firefly Sprouting from the Earth
    Alias: Sailor Saturn
    Birthday: January 6th
    Age: 13
    Height: 4'7"
    Sign: Capricorn
    Blood Type: AB
    Castle Name: Titan Castle
    Favourite Color: Purple
    Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Lamps
    Favourite Food: Japanese Soba
    Favourite Gemstone: Fluorite
    Favourite Subject: History
    Least Favourite Subject: Physical Education
    Strengths: Can heal things/people


  • Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Death Reborn Revolution

    Meiou Setsuna / Trista Meioh

    Japanese Name: Meiou Setsuna
    American Name: Trista Meioh
    Name Meaning: Momentary Dark King
    Alias: Sailor Pluto, Keeper of Time
    Birthday: October 29th
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'7"
    Sign: Scorpio
    Blood Type: A
    Castle Name: Charon Castle
    Favourite Color: Dark Red
    Likes: Shopping and Sewing
    Hobbies: Shopping and Sewing
    Favourite Food: Green Tea
    Favourite Subject: Physics
    Least Favourite Subject: Music
    Favourite Gemstone: Garnet
    Strengths: Helpful
    School: Already Graduated
    Fears: Cockroaches


  • Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!
  • Dead Scream

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