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Movie Animated Gifs

This section contains "movie" gifs. These are actual clips of either TV episodes or movie episodes. Because of their size and ability to eat my bandwidth, I've categorized them and added text links.

Sailor Moon

Eternal Moon Power Transform
Moon Crisis Power
Sailor Moon Transform in Opening
Serena Moon Thinks of Food
Eternal Sailor Moon Attacks
Moon Scepter Spin
Hair Floating in the Wind
Eyes Watery
Sailor Moon Makes Her Circle
Eternal Sailor Moon Looks Over Her Shoulder

Sailor Mars

Mars Star Power Transform
Mars Fire Ignite
Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Mars Flame Sniper
Sailor Mars in Opening

Sailor Venus

Venus Star Power Transform
Venus Crystal Power Transform
Venus Crescent Beam Smash
Venus Meteor Shower
Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Venus Multi Beam Crash

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter Star Power Transform
Jupiter Crystal Power Transform
Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap
Jupiter Oak Evolution
Jupiter Thunder Crash
Sailor Jupiter in Opening

Sailor Mercury

Mercury Star Power Transform
Mercury Crystal Power Transform
Mercury Aqua Mirage
Shine Aqua Illusion
Mercury Bubbles Blast
Sailor Mercury in Opening

Sailor Neptune

Neptune Deep Submerge
Neptune Submarine Reflection
Sailor Neptune in Opening

Sailor Uranus

Uranus Planet Power Transform
Uranus World Shaking
Uranus Space Sword Blaster
Sailor Uranus in Opening

Sailor Pluto

Pluto Planet Power Transform
Pluto Deadly Scream
Pluto Time Stop

Sailor Saturn

Saturn Planet Power Transform
Saturn Silent Block
Saturn Spins Her Glaive
Memories Returned


Star Fighter Transform
Star Healer Transform
Star Maker Transform
Star Serious Laser
Star Sensitive Inferno
Star Gentle Uterus
Starlights Attack Galaxia
Star Fighter


Black Lady Transforms
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon Transform
Mistress 9
Sailor Senshi Teleport
Clip From Opening
Clip From Opening
Clip From Opening
Luna Tugs on Serena
Eternal Sailor Moon and the Starlights