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Welcome, to Rei Li's Temple of Treats. Here you will find a whole bevy of Sailor Moon information and images. The gallery is extensive and growing nearly everyday. There is a section for anime quizzes you can complete and share with your friends. You can also reveiew the list of You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When and laugh at some of the outrageous suggestions there. Also, please make sure to stop by my guestbook and let me know how your visit here was.

This site is in major dedicated to the dubbed version of Sailor Moon. It is the version I grew up watching as a child and a young teenager and therefore I know the most about it. Please note, however, that I have included many references to the original Japanese version, as well as the Manga and I hope to balance that out a bit. The majority of information posted on this site will refer to the Sailor Senshi (yes, I perfer Senshi to Scout or Soldier) in their dubbed names. Usagi will be Serena, Rei... Raye and etc.

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June 7th, 2007

Holy crap! It's been FOREVER since I have updated. As such, many of my affiliates and links have moved and/or no longer exist. As such, I removed the marquee from the top of every page until I can sort those things out. A friend has lent me Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, so I forsee a big re interest coming... mayhaps a live action section will be added?

Work has kept me ever busy, tired when I get home and I find the days don't have enough hours to satifsy sleep, work, food, fun and internet. SO much to do! I promise some changes will be coming, most likely mainly in the form of a new layout. First, however, I need to be inspired, bt that's what my DVD player is going to do! ;)

October 9th, 2005

Big, boring update. I received an apparently random review from Sailor Moon Pocky Box and it had some pretty nasty stuff in it. I was ashamed, and at first, very angry to see how many typos and grammatical errors I had in some places. After simmering down, I did realize this was natural because I do type everything myself and when I get going, those fingers tend to forget to stop for English's sake. :) Anyways, I copied and pasted everything into Microsoft Word and ran a spell check. Yuck. There was even more then SMPB found. So, either way, all the grammar and spelling mistakes they pointed out have been corrected. As well, they did mentioned they disliked the blue border around the thumbnails int he gallery. They were right; I hated them also. I was just too lazy to fix it. I did fix that today and my eyes are all screw-balled and my left hand stuck in the position required to hit CTRL + V. I do intend a major overhaul of the Bios sections; they suck, very bland, but that will come later after Thanksgivings dinner.

Happy Thanksgivings to all my fellow Canadians out there!

October 1st, 2005

WoW! I have not been able to fully update the site in a looong time. I was busy with my overly full-time job and weird schedule. However, I'm currently unemployed as the stress was way too much, and I'm taking a break, hoping to clean up and update the site a bit.

As I'm sure you can see, a new layout has been added; I hope you enjoy it.

April 18th, 2005

24 new YKYWTMSMW added. Thank you Resident Usagi Kou for 20 of those!! Also, the Fanart page has been remodeled and 11 new pics added to the existing. Temple of Treats has received another award courtesy of Sailor Palace.

2 new Sailor Moon and 1 Review Links Out have been added. As well, Setsunakute has been removed from the affiliates list as the site no longer seems to be there.... *scratches head*