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Lord of the Rings Cosplay

This is the page where you can see my friends and I being all goofy and silly. We planned for months and months to go in costume to the first showing of Return of the King. We had so many things go wrong, but it all worked out rather well...even the ears we had to make *sigh*. Well, we did prevail and this is what we looked like.

This is the picture that appeared in the Truro Daily News the next morning. The woman who took our picture didn't even know what the hell Lord of the Rings shown by the typo in the caption. Initially she took pictures of the four of us together and said only one would make it into the paper. Now I think it's great that I got in the paper, but really, there were only four of us, couldn't she have put a picture of all of us in there? Oh yeah; the psycho woman took some one elses popcorn and said Here, you take this, now smile!" Huh?

This is one of my best friends, Robin. Now, Robin is a bit of a Frodo freak and had a blast doing this. And yes, she's holding a real authorized version of Sting. And yes, she is a SHE. Sometimes I wonder if maybe she did this too well, ya know. Her costumes consisted of clothing found in our local Louis Used Clothing store. The cloak is actually a monsterous dress all hacked up and sewn together again. Robin made the eleven brooches you see on both herself and Sarah. The ears were molded and remolded by both Robin and I a million times. We had to use some crappy putty stuff that didn't want to go hard; it was all soft and gooey, but we fnally got it to work and they looked lovely.

This is one of my best friends, Sarah. In the beginning she kinda thought Robin and I were totally crazy, but she came along when we told her we'd help with her costume. Her costume also came from Louis, with the same idea as Robin's. Her ears were made the same way as Robin's; with plenty of struggle.

This is me! I dressed up as Arwen. I'm sporting the beautiful dress she wears in Return of the King. I made my costume myself; the black dress I picked up at Frenchy's and remade to suit, while the sleeves and top were custom made by me. I'm also wearing latex ears. Mind you, mine were not the same putty stuff Robin and Sarah had to use; mine were pre-made. Tee-hee.

This is my boyfriend, John. He's dressed up as Aragorn when he's wearing his royal battle armour, or whatever you want to call it, in the Return of the King. His outfit; tunic and cape were made by me and his Evenstar pendant was made by Robin and I. He just HAD to wear his big shiny arms, so we let him and it looks just peachy! Have to say he was a rather good sport about it all.