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Link to Temple of Treats

I love to link and be linked! ....However I am very picky about who I will actually list in my Link Exchange. I only accept those sites with an 88x31 button. If you would like to be considered for my L/E, please e-mail me a request with a link to your site...signing the guestbook works too, as I get an automated message everytime it's signed.

Please use this code to use my buttons for a graphic link...and mail me when you post my button. Thank you.

< a href="">< img src="GRAPHIC NAME" border=0 alt="Temple of Treats"></a>

Note : This is the code to link to MY site. If you want to use this code for other buttons you must change the url. Also, change the GRAPHIC NAME to the name of the button you downloaded.

88x31 Buttons

255x45 Mini Banners

Donated by the Webmistress of FMOCT