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Tsukino Usagi / Serena Tsukino

Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
American Name: Serena Tsukino
Name Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Alias: Sailor Moon, Princess Serena, Neo-Queen Serenity
Nickname: Meatball Head
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Cancer
Age: 14
Height: 4'11"
Blood Type: O Negative
School: Crossroads Junior High
Home Life: Lives with her parents and her brother, Sammy
Pet: Luna
Hobbies: Shopping, Video Games, Comic Books
Favourite Colors: Pink and White
Favourite Gemstone: Diamond
Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Least Favourite Food: Carrots
Favourite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favourite Subject: Mathematics
Favourite Animal: Bunnies
Likes: Eating, Video Games, Comic Books, and (of course) Darien
Dislikes: Anything involving school
Strengths: Loyal Friend, Crying
Has Trouble With: Dentists, Ghosts


  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
  • Disguise Power
  • Tiara Magic
  • Moon Healing Escalation
  • Series2: SMR
  • Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Moon Princess Illusion
  • Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
  • Crisis(make up)
  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack
  • Rainbow Heart Ache
  • Moon Crisis Power, Make Up!
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation
  • Moon Eternal Power, Make Up!
  • Starlight Honeymoon, Theory Kiss!

    Serena is the main character that is given the ability to transform into Sailor Moon. Serena finds out later in the series that she is also Princess Serenity from the Moon Kingdom of the past, and in the future she becomes Neo Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, the mother of Rini and wife of King Endymion, Darien. At the beginning of the Series, Serena is a 14 yr old girl with extremely long blond hair and a love for food. She also tends to be quite the "meatball head" and very clumsy. She is always late for school, never does her homework and often fails tests. Serena believe that everyone has a kind heart and the ability to be a sincere and loving person. She is oft times naive, but she is an exceptionally loyal and a true friend.

    Hino Rei / Raye Hino

    Japanese Name: Hino Rei
    American Name: Raye Hino
    Name Meaning: Spirit of Fire
    Alias: Sailor Mars
    Birthday: April 17th
    Sign: Aries
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'3"
    Blood Type: AB
    Castle Name: Phobos Deimos Castle
    School: Private school attended by none of the other scouts
    Home Life: Lives with grandfather at the Cherry Hill Temple
    Hobbies: Fortune Telling, Reading, and Divination
    Favourite Colors: Red and Black
    Favourite Gemstone: Ruby
    Favourite Foods: Blowfish and Veggie Pizza
    Least Favourite Food: Asparagus
    Favourite Subject: Ancient Writing
    Least Favourite Subject: Modern Society
    Favourite Animal: Panda
    Likes: Meditation, Comic Books
    Dislikes: TV, Men
    Strengths: Dedication to causes
    Has Trouble With: Television


  • Mars Power, Make Up!
  • Fire Soul/Storm
  • Mars Star Power, Make Up!
  • Fire Mandala
  • Mars Fire Bird Strike
  • Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Flame Sniper

    Raye was the second Senshi to be found by Sailor Moon and attends a catholic school. She lives in the Shinto Shrine with her grandpa and Chad, a helper at the Shrine. As a Shinto Priestess, Raye can sense evil presences and she can use charms and spells and conjure fire readings. She has two guardian ravens, Phobos and Deimos.

    Aino Minako / Mina

    Japanese Name: Aino Minako
    American Name: Mina
    Name Meaning: Surrounded by Beauty and Love
    Alias: Sailor Venus
    Birthday: October 22nd
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'0"
    Sign: Libra
    Blood Type: B
    Castle Name: Magellan Castle
    School: Unknown
    Pet: Artemis (cat from moon kingdom)
    Hobbies: Chasing After Idols
    Favourite Colors: Yellow, Red, and Orange
    Favourite Gemstone: Topaz
    Favourite Foods: Gyouza, Ramen, and Curry Rice
    Lease Favourite Food: Shiitake Mushrooms
    Favourite Subjects: Physical Education and Gymnastics
    Least Favourite Subject: Everything Else
    Favourite Animal: Bird
    Likes: Sports, Dance, Video Games
    Dislikes: Show-offs
    Strengths: Open, Friendly, Leadership Qualities
    Has Trouble With: Her Mom and Police


  • Venus Power, Make Up!
  • Crescent Beam
  • Venus Star Power, Make Up!
  • Venus Lovely Chain
  • Venus Meteor Shower
  • Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Love and Beauty Shock

    Mina was the fourth Senshi to be found. She is the infamous Sailor V, and has movies and games based after her.

    Kino Makoto / Lita

    Japanese Name: Kino Makoto
    American Name: Lita
    Name Meaning: Sincerity of Wood
    Alias: Sailor Jupiter
    Birthday: December 5th
    Sign: Sagittarius
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'6"
    Blood Type: O Positive
    Castle Name: Io Castle
    School: Crossroads Junior High
    Home Life: Lives alone after parents were killed in plane crash
    Hobbies: Cooking, Shopping
    Favourite Colors: Green and Sugar-Pink
    Favourite Gemstone: Emerald
    Favourite Foods: Cherry Pie and Meatloaf
    Least Favourite Food: None
    Favourite Subjects: Home Economics and History
    Least Favourite Subject: Physics
    Favourite Animal: Horse
    Favourite Flower: Lilly
    Likes: Cooking and Romance Novels
    Dislikes: Cheaters
    Strengths: Physical Strength, Cooking, Loyal
    Has Trouble With: Airplanes


  • Jupiter Power, Make Up!
  • Supreme Thunder
  • Jupiter Star Power
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure
  • Jupiter Thunder Dragon
  • Jupiter Crystal Power, Make up!
  • Oak Evolution

    Lita is a strong and impulsive character. She is the third Senshi to be found and the tallest of the Inner Senshi. Lita lives alone in an apartment in the Juuban District after her parents both died in a plane accident.

    Mizuno Ami / Amy Anderson

    Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
    American Name: Ami Anderson
    Name Meaning: Friend of Water
    Alias: Sailor Mercury
    Birthday: September 10th
    Sign: Virgo
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'2"
    Blood Type: A
    Castle Name: Mariner Castle
    School: Crossroads Junior High
    Home Life: Lives with her mother
    Hobbies: Reading, Computers, Playing Chess
    Favourite Colors: Aquamarine, Light Blue
    Favourite Gemstone: Sapphire
    Favourite Food: Sandwiches
    Least Favourite Food: Yellow-Tailed Tuna
    Favourite Subject: Mathematics
    Least Favourite Subject: She loves them all
    Favourite Animal: Cat
    Likes: Books, Chess, Swimming and Greg
    Dislikes: Practical Jokes
    Strengths: Calculating, Reasoning, and Intelligence
    Has Trouble With: Love Letters


  • Mercury Power, Make Up!
  • Bubbles Spray
  • Mercury Star Power, Make Up!
  • Shiny Aqua Illusion
  • Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!
  • Aqua Rhapsody

    Amy is the brainchild of all the Sailor Senshi. She is rumored to have an IQ around 300. She was the first Sailor Senshi to be found and dreams of becoming a doctor, like her mother. Amy attends cram schools and is always studying, and telling others to too! Amy is also a great swimmer, chess player and friend. She lives in an apartment with her mother after her father went off to sketch one day and simply didn't return. Amy is a very shy and quiet person, but will stand up for her friends when they're in trouble.

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