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Please, read the rules and regulations listed before before continuing onto the Fanart section.

Rules & Regulations

1. You herby acknowledge that this fanart is not yours, but that of the respective artists.

2. You are NOT allowed to use these images for personal or commercial use.

3. You are NOT allowed to edit or crop these images in any way.

4. You are NOT allowed to have copies of your own of these images, unless written consent is given by the respective artists.

5. You are NOT allowed to use these images, without artist consent, on your own site or hot-link directly to them. No linkage is allowed, ANYTIME.

6. No "flaming" or insulting anyones artwork. Each and every piece on here took time and effort and is the artist' own way of expressing themselves.

3. You acknowledge that I have access to your IP and ISP and will use it to permanently ban you from my site and potentially report you to your Interent Server Provider should you disobey any of these terms.

I accept: