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Naoko Takeuchi: The Creator of Sailor Moon

  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
  • Code Name: Sailor V
  • Chocolate Christmas
  • Aria
  • The Cherry Project
  • Miss Rain
  • Prism Time
  • PQ Angels
  • DOB/Place:
    March 15, 1967 (a Pisces), in Kofu City, located in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan

    Current residence:
    Azabu, Juuban District (in Tokyo; also where Sailor Moon takes place)

    Parents Kenji and Ikuko, brother Shingo

    Marital status:
    Married to Yoshihiro Togashi (shounen manga artist for Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter) since January of 1999. They have a son together.

    A self-taught artist, Naoko also graduated from Kyoritsu Yakka University, where she specialized in ultrasound and medical electronics. Her works were first published while in school, even as early as her high school days.

    Before drawing manga...
    Naoko worked for a while at Keio Hospital as a licensed pharmacist. Eventually she concentrated more on manga drawing.